Our integrated Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) management system meet IFC’s stringent guidelines. We believe we are leading HSSE improvement and enabling culture change in several of the locations in which we invest and operate, based on our ongoing international benchmarking activities and activate coaching of local teams

During the feasibility assessment and development or acquisition phases for new assets, HSSE issues are identified and managed by undertaking HSSE due diligence assessments and then commissioning environmental & social impact assessments (ESIA) that are completed by independent consultants.

Asset performance-related and technical issues with HSSE consequences are covered by Tamkeen ICC’s minimum technical specifications which are applied to all projects and are based on ensuring compliance with local legislation and the WB/IFC EHS Guidelines

At the start of construction, project-specific HSSE and social action plans are established as part of the implementation of the ESIA which is also a contractual obligation. ESIA compliance is monitored by both the project company’s and the corporate HSSE teams, who are supported by independent environmental consultants that conduct audits on the lenders’ beh

At an operational level, NOMAC has an integrated management system that covers HSSE and has been certified to the ISO and OHSAS standards since 2010. We perform an annual occupational health check-up for at risk operational employees covering a range of parameters, including lung tests and audio tests. All construction sites have access to on-site nurses and doctors, with remote sites having on-site ambulances and emergency response resources

Tamkeen ICC offers rewards programs to motivate stakeholders to abide by the company’s HSSE policies. They include recognition, bonuses and cash incentives for good performance and rewarding reporting of near-misses. We believe that incentives combined with a zero-tolerance enforcement of standards are instrumental in driving HSSE in action and fostering a safety culture across all of Tamkeen ICC.

Emergency and critical health and safety incidents are reported through agreed channels within four hours to enable the deployment of formal emergency response plans. All incidents are followed up through formal investigations to identify root causes and lessons learned, the outcomes of which are shared. Incidents and noncompliance events are reported monthly and collated for publication in Tamkeen ICC’s annual corporate report. We conduct periodic management and performance audits which are followed by a detailed report of findings, conclusions and recommendations. These are then monitored and tracked until closure